Workplace & Planned Giving

Mon, 2016-10-03 16:33 -- laconley

Workplace Giving

Each year thousands of employees are given the opportunity to direct a portion of their paycheck to the charities of their choice through workplace giving. Check with your company human resources department to see the process for workplace giving. To discuss how Feeding Tomorrow can be added to your existing workplace giving, please contact us at

Planned Giving

Bequests can be made through a will, trust, or retirement assets. Making a gift through a bequest is often the easiest way to contribute a generous gift to Feeding Tomorrow. To discuss planned giving, please contact us at

Individual Fundraising Campaign 

Passionate people can spark passion in giving. If you are interested in raising funds for a Feeding Tomorrow program through an individual campaign (For example: Run a Marathon, Raise $5,000), please email to find out what resources are available from the Foundation to support your campaign.