Who We Are

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We are a foundation on a mission to raise awareness of careers in the science of food, and share solutions to help ensure a healthier tomorrow.

Feeding Tomorrow is the official Foundation of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). Each day, we work to raise both the awareness of and interest in the science of food as a desirable career path. By attracting, retaining and celebrating the best and brightest minds of the profession, we will ensure the world has the ability to feed a growing and diverse population.  

Our Vision

An enduring culture of support for the world’s next generation of professionals in the science of food for a safe, nutritious and sustainable food supply for everyone.

Our Mission

To bring the best and brightest minds to the science of food and to help them improve the world.

Our Promises

TO MOTIVATE: We promise to encourage the best young minds to pursue careers in the science of food. The world needs the brightest minds engaged in the science of food in order to meet the challenges ahead of us to feed a projected population of 9 billion in 2050.

TO SUPPORT: We promise to encourage, promote and reward excellence of students pursuing careers in the science of food. Our scholarship program is one of the largest in the nation rewarding undergraduate and graduate students for their dedication to their future profession.  

TO LEVERAGE: We promise to bring together the collective knowledge of our community to pursue food and nutrition solutions for those in need. Knowledge is power. And with an IFT community of over 17,000 strong, the Foundation will contribute knowledge toward food and nutrition solutions, in particular for those at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

Our Leadership:

Members of our Board of Trustees serve as organizational stewards that help shape the Foundation. Meet our Foundation leaders.

Learn more about our leadership’s commitment to advance our mission by listening to the Food Foundations podcast interviews:

Food Foundations - Rooted in Food Science: Feeding Tomorrow

Our Impact:

Each year, Feeding Tomorrow delivers and supports a variety mission-focused programs. View our 2018-19 Annual Report (PDF).